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Heartism represents expressing one’s heart freely and honestly. Our mission is to help creative individuals with developmental disability reimagine and spread their art to the world via NFTs.

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Much of artist Kang Sunah's art explores reconstruction of her past experiences and happy memories through the medium of both popular characters as well as originals that showcase her keen sense of space, observation, and imagination. The gestures, facial expressions, and unspoken language of her characters subtly reflect the vivacity of pleasant memories from rides to sports games, family events, school life, beloved fiction and beyond. Sunah's at-times surrealistic style and ability to convey childlike wonder allow for frank and innocent expression. We hope you will feel the artist speak through these pieces, and experience the dreamlike and wondrous world that is so often forgotten in the real world

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Sungwon expresses her inner-self and relationship with loved ones through her unique painting style and use of diverse colors and materials. She lives by the hope of creating meaningful artwork that encourages and lifts others.

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Hansol expresses his world using various themes and media that go beyond the limitations of disability. He is developing a unique style that fuses both Eastern and Western styles. He finds and expresses beauty in a variety of materials that are easily accessible around him, and he is particularly great at expressing emotions through colors. “Song” is a universal theme found across his artwork, regardless of their subject. Be it flowers, cats, or colors, each is expressed with a unique use of color and “song”. You’ll be immersed in a world where color meets sound in a fun and fantastical way.

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From sloths hanging from a branch, to parrots, to colorful horses, to playful rabbits, Chaemin expresses her imagination and romantic sensibility on the canvas. While writers express their imagination through writings, Chaemin uses art to create and express her inner world. In that world, she could be playing in the forest yesterday, picnicking by the lakeside today, or rolling down a grassy hill the next; nature and curious animals coexist in a space where one lose track of time, a space where you won’t feel lonely or bored, and a space that is full of warmth and love.

About Heartism
Our project’s mission is to showcase the artwork of individuals with developmental disabilities to the world. Art is a gateway for the talented young artists to freely express their emotions and communicate with the world. With the help of NFT, we hope to reach and connect with people around the world, whose support will transform the artists’ lives, forever.
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About Us
Artists with developmental disabilities are facing challenges from multi-dimensions – environmental, social-cognitive, and economic – that hinder their ability to sustain their livelihood as artists over the long term. Thisabled and AnChain.AI hope to help the artists overcome these challenges by reimagining their artwork into NFTs, and achieve sustainable financial independence through Heartism.

AnChain.AI is a leading digital asset platform company providing secure and compliant blockchain-enabled solutions and web3 innovations, founded in 2018 by cybersecurity and enterprise software veterans. Already trusted by the world’s leading cryptocurrency businesses, financial institutions, and regulators including the U.S. SEC, AnChain.AI is now bringing their industry-defining smart contract intelligence, cryptography, and cloud infrastructure expertise to the Web3 space.
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